Jeeez…I’ve hit rock bottom again…it’s making my head spin…like a death wish…not unless I play pokemon day in and out…can’t seem to figure shit…Like a triggerless situation with my finger between a chicken zinger about to blast off in your mouth…all these color hating non decorating imbeciles don’t have a clue about what else to do except…wait for the black sky to emerge from the dead.. a stronger being then nostradamus and einstein combined like a happy meal from micky D’s get on your knees to please the real O’G’z from the depths of hell…correct me if i’m wrong…chasing gin and juice in hot pursuit you only know the truth when you’ve seen it… don’t you know people get off on shit like getting hit when they make love…I’m sorry but that’s not cool you fools..whoever created the blue whale game and its followers can suck a fat one….you laid your lives in the name of nothing…you were forgotten in two seconds….no repenting…only anguish….when you press the stem of a shroom it turns bluish…you know you’ve hit gold after having a spoon full of special oaxaca honey…not for the faint hearted…but it’s certainly worth the money….I love calling my wife misses bunny….she’s got a beautiful smile and she thinks i’m kind of funny sometimes….we’ve had good times and a lot of bad too….But I don’t believe in two timing with the ones you love…cause there’s nothing to prove anyone but yourself… there’s no one else with you when you die…..But if you come back from the dead unharmed….They can call you the Black sky….


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