zip the lip.. how common is it for your hair to drip after swimming in the ocean…I’ll give you full marks to not have sex with an aardvark lurking about in your bedroom…its like i’m tripping on shrooms like keith moon backstage….Don’t want to get into that shiznit….cause i can handle my bizness like a boss…fuck kate moss…sorry to discriminate or pose like a hater hating mastrubaters…when i get stuck between my rhymes i start playing with my calculator….jeez…whats up with those figits spinners…sorry to break it to you folks you all are sinners for buying that garbage…it’s useless making kids interested in false carnage…..loving the complete ashley graham package from head to toe…she is not a hoe…she’s the babe boss of the bigger women….If I wasn’t married I would get with the program….you know what I’m saying man…this isn’t an attempt to get famous…just a method to release aimless thought provoking hair stroking lyrical genius….some may think otherwise…I despise how people plagiarise other peoples work…the only thinG that’s original is when big booty women twerk…I’m not a jerk…just saying man…cause it’s true…when i’ve paid off all my dues…I just want to relax in Jamaica sipping some cold brews take of my shoes and read the news….


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