I’m not black, Im not white, I’m not on the right..damn this is getting i’m suffocating..procrastinating when I was much younger used to do a lot of mastrubating which makes sense…cause what else would a young man do without no real loving..Don’t want to sound cheezy but what’s up with the bubblin in dublin??? Jeez…real people Don’t have to seal land to get power..I wake up in the morning.. have a long shower.. don’t need coffee to get my juices flowing haven’t shaved in a week my beard is growing…I’m getting older sometimes my feet feel a bit colder in the sand without a cigarette in my hand…cause i need none…you see I’m done with that stuff..want to live me life like a caveman…Don’t need codeine…you know what I mean??? Breath that fresh air in your lungs…give yourself a chance to feel strong and young naturally…bright eyed, bushy tailed..always like a good old english ale at the pub in my village called wembley….fans make an assembly line also called que’s to get into the stadium on match day every weekend…the crowd roaring…rain pouring…it’s freezing and we’re all waiting for half time so we can unload the load in our bladders…have you see that show blackadder? Rowan atkinson is a class act..but exactly nailed it as Mr. Bean for years and years…no balance filled with beer and sex…Don’t believe in those voodoo hexes…you see..seeing is believing….the rest are all stories…what’s up with morning glory…wouldn’t want to mess with pesticide laced LSA….would rather have gin and tonic….Let’s call it a day…………..:)


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