Raining down on my parade


A long long long time ago in world of sand and a world of snow.
There only lived a few elves and reindeers which put on a great show… of laughter… and bravery…. even the animals got rid of slavery.

The bears were clowning around as usual to the amusement of the wolf pack who got back home…. in time for supper to eat a great meal which they took great liberty to steal from there next door neighbor who they discovered while there mom was in labour…..

in krept the big bad wolf took away the complete fridge and ran straight past the falling bridge followed by the three little pigs who came running after their loot….

only to be trapped in the boot of the truck which was owned by old chuck the cow that jumped over the moon….

the little chickens laughed to see such great sport only to file a report with captain dolphin who went ahead to sort out the complaint in discussion with father tate who was the retired frier from albuquerque….feeling not so great….give me a break…


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