The Purple Jolt


What was I thinking this Purple game I’m linking with all the regret that I have about the self inflicted failures I’ve come across…. kinda like brexit….oh no I heard there’s something called a Frexit….maybe a Hexit in holland….naaa that aint happening on my watch…

You see I rather prefer purple flowers bill me by the hour like an attorney representing KFC which we all love….

But don’t realise isn’t as pure as a free wild dove which is airborne on its own…they are not fed bones like the farm chicken are….real stars are not trained there born great so they don’t need to endure that brain drain….

People need to start being nice and refrain from using obscene language which is basically utilized like rolling dice….

It’s just become a joke….these pokes people give each other on facebook….what’s the point of that…do they think they will eventually get to hook..??

You know what i mean…to do the wild thing like living, eating, sleeping beings do once in awhile….what’s your style….Give me a smile…..


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