Me Getting Cranky

Me Getting Cranky
Thought I’d do a little Wanky Wanky
And clean up with my best Hanky
After I’d have exerted all my power
thinking about floating in the clouds
in champagne showers, hour after hour
it seems like an endless road with no
bumps, yes you know speed bumps which
pop up in those cramped up inner cities
with no soul where smoking two bowls
of fine green earth feels like a ship
about to berth at a seaport waiting for days
for its turn to offload all that cargo
nowadays its a joke every country gets
an embargo even wells fargo isn’t doing
that well, oh to hell with it. I’m not
with the mainstream program better make
sure I stock up on the rogaine before I
invite all my buddies over for a barbecue
and find out that I ran out of propane gas
cylinders. Dillinja was one of my favorite
drum n bass producers. I feel better now,
busted out these rhymes.
Me no cranky no more.




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