I don’t know what to say
This crankiness is chipping away
those building blocks that stick
out in a stack of hay on my farm
where the pigs and chickens dance
every chance they get when I’m
around cause they feel less stressed
when it rains you know that saying
no pain no gain. But I’m having trouble
concentrating because there are too many
bills to pay and sometimes having a beer
may just cheer me up. Hey there, I’m not
depressed but a little tense which is making
me feel edgy. My shrink says it normal to feel
not completely centered but abnormal to go on
five day drink benders just to take that edge off of me,
however it doesn’t and I shouldn’t have gone in that
direction, but rerouted my path to the gym to get
a real good workout and then when i’m done pop out my
fist in the air feeling like a king that just don’t care.
Crankiness is gone.


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